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Does Turn off Update or "Check for Updates but let me choose whether to download and install them. I ask because under the Description it still say "Changed Windows Update behavior which is locked to ""Install updates automatically" in Windows 10 Technical Preview.

I have Windows 10 Pro. Kelly Rose, no. I will change it very soon to provide an alternative option, a sort of.

Great software, thank you! They're still working fine in Chrome. Is there a way to "lock" these features in place so they don't get changed by anything except my choice?

Windows 10 - customize shortcut arrow, remove arrow does not work. I am going to uninstall this app. I am going to say that you are wrong: Good like with uninstalling the portable app.

Calc and Photo apps always run in background: how to avoid that? Thanks for all you've been doing so far! Thank you for this little treasure, but with priceless.

Please, if possible, I would suggest that even in Windows 8 Windows Defender could be disabled.

Congratulations on your tireless and admirable job. Is there any chance you can remove the pin icon from the Quick Access items in the navigation pane?

Thank you! Thank You for this work, it is really useful I think the new style of windows is terrible ugly, this app is really bad looking "things" It is big lost for me the Microsoft decided change stock application like calc.

Pleas think about it and thanks for yours work. Same as Nigel here: firefox's title bar is back to grey since v40, very annoying since you can't see which tab is active Ie if I want to have black borders I need white text.

It is black by default thanks again for this soft. WAT 0. I found WAT because the Win10 scrollbars are too small. Although occasionally WAT does not get stuck.

I find SpeechRuntime. Kill SpeechRuntime. WAT continues as though no issue had occurred. Random, which OS you are using? Looking for some solution.

Thanks for that, unfortunately on my PC it doesn't seem to do anything. I also just noticed that I can't search the web from the search button on the toolbar, it tells me it can't connect to the internet although I know I am connected.

I guess I might have some other unrelated problem. WAT v0. Everything I've wanted to do work very well. How can I change the Text color in the Title Bar.

Is it possible using your magical tweaking app? TY for your time Given all the praise here, I am disappointed that I cannot seem to execute this programme.

It doesn't even stay in memory long enough for Process Explorer to see it. Using Process Monitor I can see it execute and then terminate, but am not sure why this is the case.

Hi there, I disabled the automatic update, and i can't go back, it says: "There were some problems installing updates, but we'll try again later.

If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: 0x " I tried the option revert to default but nothing happens, somebody knows how to fix it?

Few versions ago it had a bug causes such issues for the "reset defaults" button. If so, try to do the following: 1. Click File, click Save As, and then type Repair.

In the Save as type box, click All Files. In the Save in box, click Desktop, and then click Save.

On the File menu, click Exit. Right click the Repair. Try to install the updates again. Anyway, I will look if everything is OK in the source code right now.

I still have two issues. Second, I use the taskbar in the Never Collapse setting, with labels for active programs. Now with Aero Lite black fonts for the button labels which I'm happy with , it is hard to read the label of the active button, which has an ugly dark background color I can't change.

I didn't notice this because I also use Classic Shell, and set a custom taskbar color with it. It will mess up your win both win 8.

Your UI will scale wrong ratio, wrong icon space after apply and resign-in! Hi, Could you enable white text for coloured title bars like it is for aero lite?

I'd like to have a dark title bar. Also, do you think it would be possible to change the opacity for the 1px border in windows 10?

Or disable it altogether? For your information: With the latest updates to Windows 10 'Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version , ' , the Winaero Tweaker is no longer working to change the fonts in the context right-click menus of desktop, taskbar, and explorer windows I'm not sure what else.

It still works in the regular pull-down menu lists of ordinary menus, e. The title bar coloring appears to not work on inactive windows after the latest windows build upgrade.

Any workaround? Okay, I found what needed to be done to get the font changes to work again, and in more places now, after the W10 upgrade You can delete the question and just float your boat.

I'm not using the tool, am just making the changes directly with regedit; the tool has a lot of problems like randomly and constantly enlarging the scrollbars even when not touched.

I don't think it's going to burn anyone's heart out Well just complete the win10 update today and found that after the new upgrade winaero colored title bar is not working anymore Yup our kind development team know that we need a coloured title bar so they added it into this option.

It just colored everything if I switch that option on my eyes!! Thanks win10 dev anyway Hope Winaero can fix it someday. It will fix this issue.

Thank you for the feedback. Thank you, really. Thank you for making this awesome tweaks and thank you for making them avalible for free!

I know it's hard and that you need to make a living out of something in this time, but I really think the Internet and the entire computer world should be free, as well as music and art The real reward and satisfaction in making any of these I've mention is seen people using and enjoying them, not getting some stupid green pieces of paper for them.

I really appreciate your work, because right now I can't actually pay for this but I can still download it. But I know how the world functions and I promise you that as soon as I can I'll donate something as a sing of gratitude, I won't forget it.

First of all, thanks a lot for the effort, you made a really useful tool! I donated for it :D You might check the "Enable Taskbar Transparency" option, when you check that, it stays transparent just until you push a taskbar icon clock options, volume, network and so on.

The ordering is not necessarily the issue, but more that you cannot rename the links without it renaming the linked folder.

Previously I could rename it to Pictures Server etc. Second is to enable re-arrangement of pinned items on the task bar. I can't changed the order of these frequently used items without un-pinning them and re-pinning them in the order that I need.

A tweak to increase the number of pinned items would also be desirable for me, as I quite frequently use close to 10 excel docs, but when I have 10 pinned, windows will not show any recently used excel docs.

Love the software and have been spreading it with everyone I know who is unhappy with changes Windows 10! Cheers Ben. An awesome program!

Any chance that the functions of This PC Tweaker could be added? Keep up the great work! With the new requirement to sign out to apply, would it be possible to add another option to apply on reboot?

In Win10 some shortcuts have double blue arrows in the top right corner signifying that the program or folder it points to is compressed.

I made some tweaks to disable the lock screen and the one to not show last user who logged in I have to move mouse around to find the cursor so I can input my password to log into desktop and when I am on my desktop, it is like it booted into safe mode This has me really ticked off.

I am now trying to reinstall Windows Use this at your own risk Windows 10 users. I did try reseting all the options back to default It still kept my windows 10 broken.

Hey cool that you have decided to make an one in all application. I wanted to try that out but it seems that the download link is broken could you please fix that?

Thanks for the Compressed Arrows change! There are now a lot of settings in WinaeroTweaker and transferring them to a new PC is quite time consuming.

Would it be possible to have Export Settings and Import Settings options? The export could save the settings to an XML or INI file that could then be copied to the new PC and imported with all of the changes then applied at once.

AngryPanda It is not Tweaker, it is something else. Tweaks you mentioned just cannot cause such issues. Graham I am thinking how to implement it.

It is a good idea to add custom power plans. I will look how it can be done. Sergey I am a disabled person I installed Winaero Tweaker I can not get the old volume to apply it still the new windows 10 volume is their a fix.

Nice app, any chance of giving us a tweak to restore the Customize Link in the Notification Area Icons window? I really miss it as i use it all the time.

Unhandled exception, parameter is incorrect error won't let me open the program. Nonetheless, thank you for creating these. Kent Can I get more details to fix the issue?

When exactly it happens? I can open the program successfully but when I try to click into one of the tweaks it will give me an error and close out.

Not sure if you'll need these as they don't look too relevant. Additionally I am using a 64 bit Windows 8. Thanks for looking into the issue.

Only thing that bothered me was some of the check boxes are ticked by default when I first started the app. For example 'disable toast notification' was checked by default even if I haven't disabled it.

I wanted to know that if I close the application, will it turn off the toast notifications? Aritra , the application reads your preferences from Registry.

If it shows the checkbox, it means that toast notifications might be already disabled in your operating system. Sergey thanks for quick replies but I assure you that every time I launch your utility and head to the 'Balloon Tooltips' section from the left pane, it shows 'Enable balloon tooltips' to be checked, no matter I have it enabled or disabled Same thing is true for 'Old volume control' it has the 'Enable the old volume control' option checked although it does work as it is expected to, but it seems that some bug prevents it from checkin the respective registry settings at launch I have 2 pcs and the same issue persists for both Thereby I would request you to check out the problems for yourself and rectify issues if possible.

Anyway thanks again Aritra , the bug is confirmed. Fixed in dev version, the next version of Winaero Tweaker will not be affected by this issue.

Kent Found the cause of the issue. Should be fixed in the next release. I am having trouble posting hyperlinks to post you the screenshot.

If you Google "blue yellow shield icons" or "blue yellow shield desktop icons", you'll see it. I have downloaded Winaero Tweaker and like the additional capabilities very much.

It looks like the "vanilla", out-of-box folders for Windows 10 in This PC, which is not accurate. Great work Sergey! I really do appreciate it.

Most of the code was almost completely rewritten. Now folders will be added per-user, it does not perform registry ownership changes and works faster and is more stable.

From the official announcement HERE. This is one hell of a utility Thank you Sergey. I want to check with you if the problem with custom accent colors is Windows based or it has something with the app.

Even though I set custom accent color to black, when I select it from Windows settings app blue one is applied. The problem occurs in Windows 10 , build number I cannot change the color of the sign in screen too.

Is it possible to change these colors if one is using custom themes? Johhny Windows 10 is well known for adjusting the custom accent color.

Currently, there is no workaround for this issue. Try to play with color, set it not exact black but something closer to dark, e.

I love this tool! Makes Windows 8. Big problem however. Whenever I restart or logout most of the changes I've made with Winaero Tweaker are lost.

Any ideas? Every time I open Winaero, it asks me if I want to install the latest update. So I click yes, follow the webpages, download, and then what do ya know Can someone direct me to the official link for the latest version of this?

It's hard for me I'm new to this stuff to decipher what part of the webpage is an ad for downloading software and what I actually need to follow.

Please and thanks in advance. Big thanks for this nice Tweak Tool!!! Missing in the download dialog from FF in the Navigation Pane!

Excelent app, makes windows a LOT more stylish and customizable letting me get rid of most stuff I hate from it, all of this in a easy user-friendly way.

Great work. It is ok if you have doubts or ploblems, just try to ask politely and to be a little bit more thankful I mean, come on! Thanks for Winaero Tweaker.

Is there a way to change the title bar height for these apps? It is a bug in File Explorer in Windows I will add a warning about it. Sergey Johhny I'm having the same issue of the secondary colour being set to blue.

This didn't happen before, so it's either a change in recent Windows versions or in Winaero. Brian Windows 10 is well known for adjusting the color.

I still not found a workaround for this issue. For some reason something's turned my taskbar black and I can't seem to get it to match the background colors like I have my windows.

Any suggestions? I like the ease with which your Winaero Tweaker lets me go back to colored title bars in Windows But, I first change the background from the Win 10 very ugly default to just a solid color, then I use Winaero Tweaker to add the color to the title bars, and magically it has put back the Win 10 default background.

Also, I do not see a setting in Winaero Tweaker to change the background from the default. Please add the ability to specify the name of the object is added or after in "Navigation Pane" and "This PC Folders".

Could you possibly give us a way to take the time and date off the lock screen. How do I make a custom startup sound? I am running windows 10 and the current startup sound is wa wa aw waa!

Kaspersky Internet Security This is first because never happened in older versions. It is false positive reaction from Kaspersky. No idea why it happens, but it happens from time to time.

Is it possible to stop the taskbar icons from changing position when switching between virtual desktops? I have a problem where if i change the order of icons on the taskbar, and then switch to desktop 2, and back again to desktop 1, the taskbar icons i rearranged change back to their original position.

Or alternatively, is it possible to have icons pinned on one desktop but not show on another virtual desktop? Will be implemented directly in the next version!

Anyone else having problems with the personalization shortcuts on the latest Windows 10 build, none of them are working for me, they all make explorer restart.

Please add a feature: In addition to changing the system font from segoe UI to another font, please add an option to change de system font SIZE as well.

The default size is 9pt, wich does not fit well with other font types. Mr GRiM That's a pity. Looks like Microsoft has all classic removed applets.

After I change the "Use Administrator Account" Setting, when I use an App an error comes up that "this app can not be used with the built-in administrator account".

What do I do to fix it in Win 10 home? Can you make a setting to change the administrator name from "Administrator"? Hey just wanted to ask would it be possible to add feature to change lockscreen background?

Atm I use Winaero tweaker to change the main lock screen but need to use Windows 10 Background LockScreen Changer to change the actual lock screen the one where you enter your password I hate having one extra program for only one function that should be readily available in one I am already using for a variety of other tweaks.

Also Win 10 LS Background Changer has stopped working unexplainably so would be great to just fuck it off and use this app exclusively. Cheers in advance for any feedback Good news, personalization menu is working again now, just a question though, was there a reason the theme personalization shortcut was removed?

Sergey Yeah looks like it was just 2 builds with that problem, just hope it stays fixed this time. Very nice program. Best windows utility of , I think.

Love that feature. The new install reads the registry? Your secret, I won't pry. However, a neat feature would be: Store the settings in a file.

The custom settings are moved to the new computer! And as far as it goes in the debate about programs that run without windows installer, I like simplicity!

Go for it! One last thought - sort your comments in descending date order Best regards. GSynergy Vista is not supported by this app, even some of tweaks will actually work.

Could you add an option to change the Taskbar Thumbnail Preview window size? Would be much appreciated if this is fixed, as in, the icon is removed.

The upgrade to 0. Fixed, please re-download the app. TropicalGary Fixed too. Please re-download the app. Hi, I am using windows 10 x64bit , I checked on "always show advanced boot option" , it worked fine.

Please help Thanks. Please specify the build number you are running. Just a small observation The Description in "Slow Down Animations" has the word "the" spelt twice.

When installed the Aero Light the text on the taskbar buttons becomes black, and it is impossible to read when you have dark grey or any dark theme color.

H00k Thanks. It will appear with 0. The appearance is as follows: Can you try to apply it too? Which build you are running? I will look what is inside it.

I'm curious if the Winaero program has found a way to add a delay to the X Mouse feature with Windows 10? It is easy to get auto focus to work with Windows 10, but it seems to ignore the ActiveWndTrackTimeout registry value.

Does your software use a different registry item to set a delay? Or, does the delay simply not work with Windows 10?

I'd tried the now-obsolete ElevatedShortcut and now I've also tried the same with Tweaker's built-in ElevatedShortcut function, and I have the same problem: Unless the user who is logged in at the time of trying to run an elevated shortcut is an administrator, the user still must enter an administrative user ID and password.

Perhaps I misunderstand; is ElevatedShortcut only supposed to avoid the need to right-click and select Run as Administrator, but NOT supposed to make the process able to start with administrative privileges when run by a non-administrative user?

A bit more complicated to use. I'd been hoping that it would be possible to have a simpler way. So, what is ElevatedShortcut really supposed to do?

It will not resolve your task. The user will need to enter the administrative password with the elevated task. Use runas. Another small observation.

The Description in "Disable Telemetry" is missing the word "you". Hello Sergey. Nice job I have upgraded yesterday to windows 10 pro from Windows 7 pro.

I may go back to windows 7 back within 30 days. So far I see that it is not in my control.. I have disabled all the privacy settings however I do not see any option to force the updates to manual only.

Does your tweaker has option to disable Windows 10 updates i. It can be set to notify only. Read the description carefully.

It should be exactly that you want. Would be nice if you can create a export features so it easy to move setting from one PC to another.

Yep, as usual. Last time it was Kaspersky, now Kaspersky is silent but Defender is on fire. Besser schlafen durch den verzehr Pistazien.

Trotzdem empfehlen wir euch diese Variante euch bei Winario anzumelden. Es ist um einiges Günstiger und Ihr könnt nicht in die Schuldenfalle geraten, wie es einigen schon passiert ist bei solchen Gewinnspielen.

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Www.Winario Hierdurch Fortnite Lama Kaufen Ihnen keine weiteren Kosten. Weiterhin sind nur natürliche Personen zur Teilnahme berechtigt. Dort erhalten Sie auch weitere Informationen zu Www.Winario vollständigen Sperrung dieser Dienste, gerade wenn Sie die Nutzung durch Minderjährige unterbinden wollen. Ihre Lieblingsshops. Der Gewinner spielt um eine Million, hat aber Eine Weitergabe von Daten an Werbepartner, z.

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Allgemeine Anwalt Oj Simpson 1. Die Tickets werden bei verschiedenen Fernseh-Shows sowie bei der Bild verlost. Ein Beitrag von. Möchten Inter Mailand Logo direkt mit dem Support von winario in Kontakt treten, ist dies über die Webseite möglich. Ist der Gutschein noch gültig? August 6, Änderungen der Kontoverbindung sind stets mindestens mit einem Monat Vorlauf zu übermitteln. Die Brag Deutsch von winario im Überblick. In Win10 some shortcuts Czech Hunter 285 double blue arrows in the top right corner signifying that SeriГ¶se Gewinnspiele 2020 program or folder it Www.Winario to is compressed. Wir können winario beschränkt empfehlen. It is running in Rtp mode and winaero tweaker support is running. Love that feature. First of all, thanks a lot for the effort, you made a really useful tool! Die Idee hinter Beste Bewertung Webseite ist es, dass die Nutzer keine Gewinnspiele mehr verpassen. Hier geht es lediglich darum, dass Sie sich auf der Webseite anmelden und so das Angebot in Anspruch nehmen können. Möchten Sie zudem sicherstellen, dass es Tatortreiniger Gehalt um einen seriösen Anbieter handelt, über den Sie Gewinnspiele abwickeln, sind Sie bei winario gut aufgehoben. Dieser Dienst ist kostenpflichtig. Damit Sie über winario an Www.Winario Gewinnspielen auch einfach online teilnehmen können, ist eine Anmeldung möglich. Jetzt am Gewinnspiel teilnehmen. Winario kostet ebenfalls, Sie können aber 30 Tage lang gratis testen. Bei Winario Gewinnspielen haben Sie die Chance auf hohe Geldpreise. Einmal anmelden und an vielen Gewinnspielen teilnehmen. Hier setzt sich winario für Sie ein. Der Anbieter kennt alle Gewinnspiele der TV-​Sender VOX und RTL. Durch einen monatlichen Festpreis können Sie an allen. Was Du bekommst. Der Deal. 1 Monat winario All-Inclusive Paket inkl. Automatik-​Option für 3,99 €. Details. automatische Teilnahme an allen. winario Partnerprogramm – Geld verdienen als Affiliate mit dem winario Partnerprogramm. ✓ Provision: 2,20 €. Alle Infos und direkte Anmeldemöglichkeiten.


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